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November 20, 2019

Sharnessa, has organized this project at several showers she's given. She had the idea for the book itself; I have come up with how-to's, enhancers, printables, and make-it-easiers – all of which I’ll be sharing right her...

August 21, 2018

You can include whatever you want in a Wedding Gift-in-a-Can; everything just needs to be able to fit into your can. It's amazing how much you can pack into one..

August 20, 2018

This is literally the smallest and easiest craft project I have ever made! And also the cutest! These are fun to make with your kids or grandkids. Everyone, young, old and in between, gets a kick out of them!

May 6, 2018

Put together a special gift of a "Jar of Pampering & Creativity"! these are perfect for Mothers Day, Christmas, or birthday!

March 26, 2018

Another little bit of Heaven on Earth is Lemongrass! ~ Lemongrass Bath Salts, in particular! These are sooooo quick and easy to make!

March 26, 2018

Helping to alleviate that stress and add some grace, sweetness to these days is the idea behind doing a Bless-the-Bride Blitz! Here's the basic idea for how this works...  Each day before the wedding, for a certain number of...

March 21, 2018

No matter where you're at in the school year when you happen to read this article, there's always an opportunity coming up to bless a teacher with one of these special gifts ~ a Teacher Appreciation Gift-in-a-Can!

March 21, 2018

Not only is a gift-in-a-can cute, but the recipient gets to open it at the TOP using the untouched, unopened pull-tab ring!

March 21, 2018

Welcome to the second post in a series of five in which I give you all the step-by-step instructions you need to create your own gift-in-a-can! ​

You are currently in post #2 where I show how to cover can, including getting...

March 21, 2018

Soooo... are you ready to create one of these yourself? They're not the quickest projects I've ever made, but they're not difficult either, especially if you read and heed the specifics I'll be giving you in my in...

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