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About the Challenge

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Lots of things! In Barb Shelton's "31-Day Let's DO  This Challenge" course, you'll be introduced to - and actually DO - something new and different each day in one of 31 different areas:

  • creativity

  • healing your heart

  • nurturing yourself + others

  • plowing past hurdles

  • procrastination

  • organizing disorder!

So this course is beautifully multi-faceted! There are things to read and/or watch and/or process and/or do in your own life, skill set, home environment, and relationships for each of the days! Like...

You’ll do a fun and simple “before and after,” create a place to put recipes you get off the Internet, add to your conversational skills, thank someone who has influenced your life, tackle something that’s felt overwhelming, done a few things to bless others in unique ways, dealt with some anxieties, and organized a few things.

Plus you’ll get a plethora of printables and one of Barb's e-Books (on honing your conversational skills!) to help you actually do and implement each of these creative ideas and projects! Barb is a master at - and delights in - bringing people along, one step at a time, and making it easy, fun and doable!

And the course comes with a journal with which you can document your 31-day journey, IF you want!

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  enrich your life

     stretch your creativity

add to your skills

     enhance your environment

add spice to your soul!

sharpen your mind

sweeten relationships

You will try things you never even thought of doing, never thought would be fun or easy or helpful, and maybe that you never thought you would or could do!

By the end of the 31 days, you will have learned and tried new skills in many areas, and will have accomplished things you've been putting off!

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  • Get beyond some personal hurdles that have been limiting you!


  • Try things you didn't think you could do. (or would want to!)


  • Participate in healing some hurting areas of your heart.

  • Clear out some rubble from your life and free yourself to soar!

  • Expand your level and arena of influence.

  • Here are the mini's of all the challenges: 

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  • for those who want to create a larger Comfort Zone than they're currently in, and to be comfortable in and enjoy it!


  • for those who are stuck in a rut, coming up against walls, in need of some new sparks in their mind and sparkles in their heart!


  • for those wanting to increase their tools for dealing with pesky-to-downright-difficult areas of their lives!


  • for those who'd like to try some new things but would enjoy having clear, easy help doing so! I'M HERE FOR YOU AND WITH YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!!!

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  • NONE!!!! There are absolutely NO pre-requisites! Just come as you are!


  • Wait...  Okay, maybe there's ONE: Come with a heart to learn, grow, and be blessed.


  • Just thought of two more... If you have "stuff" from the past that you want healed, bring it! (There are specific days we'll deal with it.)


  • If you deal with anxieties or fear of failure, bring those, too!

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