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       "Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming:

Wow! What a ride!

Hunter S. Thompson


THAT is how I view life! 

       I have been around quite a few (almost 6.5) decades now, am successful in many areas that I deem important, and this blog is where I share my "harvest" (which I know will enrich your life,) and invite you to join me in...

The Ride!
So whether...'re a mom with kids at home

who'd enjoy an oasis in the form of creative, refreshing ideas, wondering what "life after kids" will be like, and how to get there in one piece and in peace, or...


...your children have flown the hive

and you're wondering how to make your "life without kids" matter more, with more  joy and purpose, or...


kids or not, you want ideas for a life that's more: more tasty, creative, organized, fulfilling, and more full of God and His sweet-as-honey grace...'ll find inspiration

 here for how to: 

{in HANDS-ON ways:}

  • make a meal for someone in need

  • make a creative gift

  • make a crafty creation

  • make a new recipe

  • make the most of Pinteres

{in HEART ways}

  • make a point more softly and lovingly

  • make (better) conversation

  • make a memory with a (grand)child

  • make a friendship sweeter

{in HOMEY ways}

  • make your shelves more organized

  • make a mess be less

  • make a corner cozier

  • make a closet orderly

  • make a home more havenly

{in HELPING ways}

  • take a meal to a family in need

  • make a friend feel valued

  • make someone's load lighter

  • make life softer for someone going through a hard time



  • make what matters most matter more

  • make the most of your talents & gifts

  • make people feel more loved

  • make a memory; leave a legacy

  • make it to life's end with fewer regrets


So stick around!

As you can see in my "Here in the Hive" box below, there's LOTS here! I'm still in the process of adding to my site (and always will be!), but there's already plenty here to keep you buzzy for a while!

(Queen Bee-Barb 

60 years ago!)

Bee sure to get the latest buzz from Barb!

Here in the Hive:

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