ABC Book to Make at a Baby Shower

Sharnessa, has organized this project at several showers she's given. She had the idea for the book itself; I have come up with how-to&#

Man Bee Cookin' Broiled Fish

Since Dave had always just winged it when he made it, doing his own thing that he himself had made up and developed over several years, he r

"Older Barb" Talks to "Current Barb"

Consider your grandsons’ future weddings…  Do you want to be walked up the aisle in a wheelchair? Or to walk up the aisle on your own two fe

Home Is Wherever Mom Is!

This is also the reason I will never feel at home here; my spirit is longing to be with my Lord. So the meaning of my name became a great re

8 Sayings That Have Helped Shape My Life

The pain and grief of being left out, as many of you know, is real and is awful! But God used it to get me to a place where I became sensiti

Hornets' Nest Sting Operation

Carlianne was pruning a rhododendron bush in our garden and spotted an insect that she called a “beebra” because it had the black and white

Make a Wedding Gift-in-a-Can

You can include whatever you want in a Wedding Gift-in-a-Can; everything just needs to be able to fit into your can. It's amazing how mu

Make a Teensy Belly Button Brush

This is literally the smallest and easiest craft project I have ever made! And also the cutest! These are fun to make with your kids or gran

How to Make Training Placemats

"To get myself out of the broken-record rut, I created placemats that not only served the purpose of being actual usable placemats, but