Jar of Pampering & Creativity

Put together a special gift of a "Jar of Pampering & Creativity"! these are perfect for Mothers Day, Christmas, or birthday!

Are You a Princess?

Little girls love to play "princess." There's just something ever-so-delightful about donning a crown and being a princess or queen, and...

5 More Sayings I'd Love to Eliminate

There are sayings that cross lines we often don't even realize exist. They might be inaccurate, impolite, crude, or uncaring. I share 5

Bless-the-Bride Blitz

Helping to alleviate that stress and add some grace, sweetness to these days is the idea behind doing a Bless-the-Bride Blitz! Here's th

Teacher Appreciation Gift-in-a-Can

No matter where you're at in the school year when you happen to read this article, there's always an opportunity coming up to bless

Gift-in-a-Can: Covering It (Part 2)

Welcome to the second post in a series of five in which I give you all the step-by-step instructions you need to create your own...

Gift-in-a-Can: Decorating It (Part 3)

Soooo... are you ready to create one of these yourself? They're not the quickest projects I've ever made, but they're not diffic