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  • By Barbara Edtl Shelton

Mr. Camo Man Goes on a Walk with Me

Dave has taken a liking to going on walks with me of late, and I've taken a liking to having him along! He's very ~ uuuuum ~ entertaining, as I think you'll agree...

I was in the living room getting my coat, earpuffs, gloves and neck scarf on in an effort to prevent myself from slipping into hypothermia on our upcoming walk.

I heard Dave's voice say "I'm not sure if you're going to still want me to go with you on your walk" as he started coming up the dark hall toward me.

Not having actually seen him at this point, because, as I mentioned, the hall was dark, I asked him before he got to the (well-lit) living room, "Well, why wouldn't I want you along?!?"

And then I saw him! In ALL of his camo glory… CAMO pants... CAMO jacket... CAMO gloves... annnnnd CAMO hat. (A very serious Russian-type camo hat, at that!)

Dave wearing his camo duds in the front yard / Mr. Camo Man Goes on a Walk with Me /

Now, interestingly (for lack of a better word), none of these four camo items actually matched each other. But at least they were all "camo"! So the Fashion Police would count that for something, right?!?

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Of course I had to get a picture of him out front, (above) with the backdrop he was attempting to blend in with, and then one of him and me before we embarked on our journey!

Dave & I in our front yard ready to go on our walk / Mr. Camo Man Goes on a Walk with Me /

So we headed out on our walk, and at this one point on the way I noticed there was a stretch of brush, weeds, and trees that matched the camo pattern of at least one of the camo items upon Dave's person! (What a coincidence!)

So I asked him if he would want to go stand in that spot so I could get a picture of him kind of blending in to the camo background. He happily obliged, but took it even a step further...

He put his hat on backwards so that anyone who'd be seeing this picture would be a little more likely to be tricked into thinking that he was blending in with the brush behind him!

Dave wearing his camo hat backwards on our walk / Mr. Camo Man Goes on a Walk with Me /

See? One can scarcely tell that there's a human standing there, right?!?!

And then he asked me to take another picture with his hat turned around the right way so that people could see that it was, indeed, an actual person there! 😄

Dave by trees, wearing his camo hat the right way on our walk / Mr. Camo Man Goes on a Walk with Me /

Continuing on our walk, we went past the road that's basically a long row of trees, and turned a corner out to a clearing where a beautiful sunset could now be seen. So I got a few pictures of it. (It's a pretty sudden "drop-off" of trees; the last tree of the long row of which is on the right of this photo below.)

Sunset on the corner / Mr. Camo Man Goes on a Walk with Me /

Then Dave said, "Wait!" – and walked over and posed in front of the sunset for me. 😄 So here he looks like Mr. Clean... with a very serious Russian-type camo hat and camo clothes on. And a beard.

Dave wearing camo duds, with arms crossed on corner with sunset in background / Mr. Camo Man Goes on a Walk with Me /

Is he not just adorable?!?!? (OR "adorbs" as my kids would say!)

This guy gets to be more and more of a ham (in a very cool and casual way) – not to mention funnier, sweeter, cuter (in a guy way!), and more lovable and handsome, the older he gets!!!!!! I love him, non-matching and overkill camo duds and ALL!!!!! (And HE loves ME – zebra-print earpuffs, fuzzy white neck scarf, and all!)

Dave wearing camo hat on our walk & me with my ear puffs / Mr. Camo Man Goes on a Walk with Me /



I just have to share a few comments that came in response to my above post, which I originally put on Facebook:

Paul Mullenix: "Thankfully he had a work uniform all these years, less pressure on you not having to dress him every day. ... Nice pics."

My sister, Pat, said: "Because he was in all camo, I'll bet passersby thought you were talking to and clowning around with yourself, Barb!" to which I answered, "Yes, Pat!!!! NO DOUBT you are right!!!!!!! 😀

Traci Thompson: "Way to keep love going!! You two are such a great example of how to grow with each other and laugh together all along the way!!! May God continue to bless you both and may you always be an inspiration for others!!! 😀"

And last but not least, in fact, this was pretty much prophetic!!! ... Debbie Losinger, a long-time friend, said, "That was very sweet 'n' fun to read! It gave me a smile the whole time I was reading. Such blessings, as your hearts have gone through so much in this life." (She has heard us share "Our Story" at a marriage retreat.) "I love reading and seeing posts of the humbling joys you share. Thank you from my heart to yours. I look forward to reading more in the future as God pours more of his sweet gold honey on you both."

HONEY!!!!! What's interesting about this ~ which brought tears to my eyes, by the way ~ was that it felt like it was prophetic of this blog, which I had not yet launched at the time, and which she knew nothing about!!!!! She basically just summed up "My Whole Purpose" in creating this blog!!!

Plus her last statement: "I look forward to reading more in the future as God pours more of his sweet gold honey on you both" is kind of a "right-back-atcha" response to the subtitle of my blog:

"Random drops of

honey to sweeten and

enrich your life."

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