Tory's Memories of Grandma Shelton

"Several years ago my grandma spoke at my high school graduation ceremony.  She didn’t like to speak in public very much, or to draw at

Visit to a Homeless Camp with Grampa

Jonah said that "This was a "dream come true" for me! I was kind of excited we were doing it!" And he added, "This

Planning-Ahead Dates

I wanted to give our adult kids some undistracted time to talk and plan and look ahead to the coming year as a couple ~ with a gift card for

My Daddy ~ Poem by Sharnessa

I so appreciate all that you have instilled in me, to name one of the most important ones: an adventurous spirit, which pours into every are

Commune With Me Guide

If Jesus were here in person, as in physically, we would have no problem figuring out what to do during our time with Him. Mostly just liste

My Most Rousing Game of Monopoly. EVER!

By far, this was my most rousing game of Monopoly ~ EVER!  I supposedly came in last,  but that was only in money and assets. I'm confid

How to Organize a TOTAL MESS!

My system is very easy to use, very inexpensive, and takes just a few minutes to set up. ... It keeps me from feeling overwhelmed ~ which

Sharnessa's Daily Graces

"As I buttered my toast and committed the crime, my initial response was to take the knife and clean the crumbs out, when I stopped mys

Banana Boats, Anyone?!?

It's just as well that I didn't know how amazing these were ~ until I finally decided to try them one night ~ because... OOOOOH my