Man Gift In A Jar

You'll want to choose the theme of your jar for your own man/men, of course, depending on what occasion you have coming up. Here are sev

"State of the Family Union" Meetings

I'm so grateful to you "Bailey girls," for sharing your thoughts and memories with not just me, but with others who I know wil

20 Sweet 'n' Simple Pleasures

Get ready for a five-sense mini-oasis! Open your eyes and ears, take in a deep breath, and enjoy!!!

In Pursuit of True Beauty

"The first thing we need to do is get our own hearts and thinking in alignment with God's definition and view of beauty. If we beli

How to Make a Foot Warmer

These are basically just very large bean bags, except, instead of being full of beans, they are full of flax seed. You could use other fille

How to Do a Javanese Dinner

I almost didn't even try this meal because it sounded and looked so ~ well ~ so downright weird! But I'm SO glad I did!  For one thi

Handling the Stingers of Life

Life is full of "stingers"; how we handle them is the difference between life and death in some very real ways!

A Dozen Rosey Life Lessons

Be-Rosed Hammer: Besides being able to hammer nails, it's a also beautiful reminder that there's a softer way to "hammer in a

The Hem of His Garment

God is in the business of handling the most difficult, (seemingly) hopeless, complicated, desperate, awful things of life. ... Dave and I

Two Pies in a Pod

These are very easy to do, and the result is just plain FUN! ... There are two very good reasons you might want to make one of these...